Fall 2016

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This Thanksgiving season we are reminded of how good God has been to us and how thankful we are for all of you. We are grateful we have four remarkable children that love us, love God, and know they are loved by God and us. We are grateful for our supportive and caring extended family that have been such a huge help throughout our many years in Europe, and especially in recent years as our girls are in the US. We are grateful for friends that have stood by us and supported us in many ways for many years. We are grateful for many wonderful people we have had the privilege of serving and working with on the mission field over three decades. Above all, we are grateful to the ONE who has made all this possible and led us on a great adventure.


We just finished a powerful gathering of leaders and intercessors with Morningstar Ministries as we hosted a prophetic round-table. Over fifty selected leaders from around the nation participated. Our team did an outstanding job serving. All were encouraged and helped. We plan on running a yearly round-table for the next few years.


Our campus work that we started in 1985 with Anthony Brabazon as “the Bible workshop” has been released to another Christian worker who has been working with us for years. We’re excited for their future and believe God will continue to do great things at UCD. I still lead a gathering of campus worker monthly to keep prayer and unity in the forefront. Above is a photo of their fall launch.

This summer outreach was fun and fruitful as we continued to reach into nearby neighbourhoods with lots of love and laughter. Our amazing Lorna is a fantastic leader and did a great job equipping our team and brought great blessings in these neighbourhoods, through bible studies, acts of kindness (cleaning homes and yards) and we baked homemade cookies for the whole place!

We have had the great joy of using the building to truly bless the Bray Community. Bray International Jazz festival used it as one of its venues – what a privilege. We were able to meet many interesting folks from the music world. We had many other charity events and concerts including a special tribute to commemorate the 1916 Rising. We also use the building for much, much more, including our amazing moms and tots mornings. (Photo above).

We have had more baptisms since our last post: Exciting video click here >  Baptisms Bray Ireland  Also, praying for certain people really works!  God spoke to us to target certain individuals that are well-known in the community and sure enough God is at work bringing redemption to our town.




All four of the churches we helped plant: Delft The Netherlands, Antwerp Belgium, Dungarvan Ireland and Cornerstone now in Bray Ireland, are all thriving spiritually and numerically. Both the Antwerp and Dungarvan churches have or are in the process of getting new  buildings. We so enjoy being close to Dungarvan and enjoy our trips there. I’ve also enjoyed a few ministry trips into Europe, especially my trip to Delft, seeing old friends and ministering at the church.

Those of you who have been standing with us over the years as we moved from one nation to another know the struggles we have gone through together. But because of your praying and giving and our laboring and believing  – and ultimately Gods grace – theses churches are going from glory to glory bearing fruit to eternal life.

God is good!!!

Thank you for your part as you know we could not do this without you!


Blessing Bray

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Greetings from the land of Patrick! Did you wear green yesterday? We had a great celebration at the local Bray parade (every town has their own little parade in addition to the big one in the capital) and a ceili – (pronounced Kay-lee) at our church. It’s kind of like an American square dance, with traditional Irish music and dancing. We took the opportunity to invite all types of people from our work and neighborhoods as an introduction as who we are. Benjamin said his feet were sore from all the dancing!

We are certainly in a good season. Wendy and I are doing great, feeling even more blessed in our marriage and family, as well as the church. The last months has kept us very busy. We’ve recently run a Transformation course in the church. Wow, how inspiring! Discipleship Alpha courses are running now. We’ve had a few outreaches to the children – just today we had a family art day and lots of kids and parents came. Weekly we have a mums’ meeting, coffee outreach, women’s meeting, mens bowls, prayer meetings,  among other things, and have opened up the church to various events. We greatly desire to make a connection and serve the community with our building.

We were so excited to have Genia, Will, and Emily come over from the States for Christmas – it had been 5 years since we were all together at this time. We are extremely proud of our kids. They all are walking passionately with Jesus.

Great building with our sister churches in Delft, The Netherlands, Dungarvan, Ireland & Antwerp Belgium.

Short video update.


Genia graduated in December Summa Cum Laude at Columbia College in speech language pathology, a women’s private school in Columbia, South Carolina. She worked very hard while working a full-time job, getting married, and serving as a leader in a new church plant. Did we raise a wonder woman?

Some picks from the many activities and outreaches Christmas season.

Video from our Christmas party!

keith baptism 2016

Baptisms in the cold Irish sea!

In the pictures – Top left: One of the many concerts that are performed in our building. This particular one was a 46 piece orchestra the biggest thing we had in as yet.  Top right and bottom: “Bray Churches Together” Art Exhibition, where local artists submitted art pieces to be judged and possibly sold. We welcomed people all week getting to know us and the church. http://www.cornerstonechurch.ie


You get the thumbs UP. What a great team!

Over 30 years on the mission field – what an incredible privilege it has been. As our world is going through such turmoil and change, we continue to press forth in bringing the gospel in a relevant way to these European countries. We clearly know that this has only been possible through our working together – you through your prayer and giving, and us through our time and energy. So we are truly co-laborers together, Christ working through both of us.

Being seasoned and senior missionaries, we have had the freedom to choose whether to stay and work with the churches versus returning for an extended time to  work on our support base.  As we have chosen to stay, our financial support base has dwindled over the years, and this is now quite a concern. We ask you to consider to begin to support us, or possibly increasing your support to help. Ireland is in great need of the gospel, but it is extremely expensive to live here – actually one of the most expensive countries in Europe. Your prayer also for this matter would be a huge blessing and help.

We love you and miss being with many of our old friends. Thank you so much for your continual prayer and support,

Kyle and Wendy

To contribute, please make check payable to –

The Harvest
Holland Missions
4865 Sunset Blvd
Lexington, SC 29072
*Please write “Holland Missions” on the memo line

100% of your giving comes to the mission field.



For giving in Europe –

Name: Stichting Support Trust
Place: Heemstede
Bank number:
IBAN number: NL82ABNA0597377367
Don’t forget to mention it is for Kyle Holland



Spring & Summer 2015 in Bray, Ireland

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I just came back from a leaders meeting and then a conference in Nuremberg Germany with 25,000 people from all over Europe, It was very encouraging, given the challenging times we are in. This trip was extra fun because I was with my good friend JC Alzamora who has quite a ministry today in Europe. I was there when JC got saved and had the privilege of baptizing him in 1984 in Atlanta. I was also able to be with our church in Delft, the Netherlands and visit with the pastor in Antwerp, Belgium. Both churches and their leaders David Koerts and Frank Ernst are doing really well. PTL!


Awakening Europe Conference in Nuremberg Germany. 25000 Europeans (mainly German) believers exalting the Lordship of Jesus over Europe, in stark contrasts to the dark events that took place here over 75 years ago -the infamous “Nuremberg Rallies” propaganda events to celebrate Nazism. You see behind me the platform Hitler stood at, as thousands of German soldiers marched by. Today it’s only ruins, but Christ’s Church marches on in great love and victory! The Earth will be filled with the glory of God!


Awakening Europe, 25000 exalting Jesus in Nuremberg Germany.


Romeo, Burt, JC, Paul and I at the Awakening Europe Conference.


David Koerts and I at the Market square in Delft. David is a very close friend and excellent leader.


Frank, Hadassa and I with one of their adorable boys in Antwerp. They have built an awesome church in a very hard city.

Last month, our church hosted a conference with Transformation Ireland. We brought in Ed and Ruth Silvoso. This was very impacting for Ireland, as Christian leaders in the Marketplace and Church gathered for fresh strategy and empowerment. We will also be using some of his material in a 10 week course we are doing in September.

Ed at well

It was a great privilege to work with Clifford and Joan Sullivan as we hosted Ed and Ruth Silvoso.

ed at the well 2

A YouTube video thank you update, telling of our move to Bray.

We had several guest speakers in the last few months, including, among others, Stan Fleming, Steve Hamer, Russ Kline, Charlie Champ, and Clem Ferris. Each one brought encouragement, inspiration, and rich teaching to help us fulfill God’s purpose.

Besides our regular weekly outreaches on the university and in the church, we had a special week of reaching out to kids doing their “junior certs” and “leaving certs” (big exams in secondary schools) followed by a kids club for primary age children. It’s exciting touching the youth and their families


Russ Kline ministering to our youth.

We are also enjoying the privilege of hosting charity events at “the Well,” (the name of our building) which is a landmark on the Main street in Bray. We are grateful we can bless these charities and give us an opportunity to meet people and serve Bray.


Delaware Women’s choir.


Local Irish traditional group.

One of our parties and it expresses our gratitude and excitement to God and you for all that He has done. You are a big part part of that! We love you and thank you once again for your prayer and sacrificial giving.

Love from Ireland, the Hollands


Big Move

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The well edited

The Well, Main St Bray.

This is our new building! Or may I say new to us, but ancient to Bray. It’s an old Church of Ireland, St. Paul’s, built in 1609. We’re very excited for our big move into this new location on Main Street Bray, a much more strategic part of town for us. For the last 5 years, a church relationally close to us has been using the building. Lots of prayer has gone up from there and lots of work has gone into this unique place,  so we’re excited now to take our place in the battle for Bray. There is already good unity among the few churches in the area and a growing expectation of God workings in many people’s hearts.  Many in our church live there and the surrounding areas so it’s a natural place to reach.

Please believe with us because the cost is significantly higher. We’re all being stretched, but we believe it’s the Lord. When I first lived in Dublin in the mid ’80s I would meet a brother at 7am for prayer on the harbor wall in Bray. Those prayers are still being answered as we move forward in this special town. It’s also amazing  that when we moved back to Dublin three years ago the Lord quickened to me that we had a harvest in Bray. We appreciate your prayers as we advance God’s kingdom in this place.

Baptism 2

Paul & Caroline at recent baptism.


Baptism close to Bray this Fall.

We have seen a number of people commit their life to the Lord and be baptized the last several months. Some are coming out of difficult backgrounds and in need of constant discipleship and prayer to keep them from going back into destructive behaviors. Please stand with us in prayer for them.

Genia & Will blog

Genia & Will on their wedding day.


First time all together in three years.

The biggest news of all is that our sweet little sunshine, Genia, is a married woman now!  In August she was united with William Dillon, who we all think is a super guy – and also extremely blessed to be married to Genia!  The whole family was together for the first time in three years (picture above). Genia is studying Speech and Language pathology at Columbia College and Will is attending Columbia International Bible School. They are also both working and involved in leadership in a church plant. We are very excited about this kingdom relationship and believe that God has much in store for them.

The rest of the kids continue their education: Emily is studying child development in college in South Carolina. Michael in the University College Cork in Ireland studying politics and philosophy. And Benjamin also here in Ireland, continues to learn in his special school. We are grateful and blessed with each one of them.


David, Frank & I at Lighthouse Fellowship Antwerp Belgium, this November.


With Steve last month in Dungarvan Ireland.

Visiting our network.

I had an awesome time this last month preaching in Delft, the Netherlands and visiting with my close friend David Koerts who is doing an outstanding job leading Levend Water. David continues to have impact in various and influential leadership roles in the Netherlands.

David and I were also able to make a trip to Antwerp and see my good friends Frank and Hadassah Ernst who are building a strong church in very hard ground. Part of their wise strategy to serve the people of Antwerp has been to establish the only openly Christian daycare centers in Belgium. They have two now, with more to come.  We were both blessed to see them and hear how things are progressing.

The church in Dungarvan is doing excellent being led by Steve and Lorita  Hamer. Small town Ireland is one of the most challenging place to build a church but Steve and his team’s consistent testimony  in Dungarvan is working into many townspeople hearts.

Kyle and Wendy wedding1

Celebrating this summer at our daughter’s wedding.

I have been privileged to serve Christ and His church in Europe for 30 years this coming May. So many of you have come, prayed and given, doing your part as true partners in the Gospel. We are so excited about this next season as fresh grace seems to be pouring over us. A heartfelt thank you and reminder that we are still laboring and in need of your help in these challenging days.

Blessings to each of you from Greystones Ireland.

Kyle and Wendy Holland

European Check-In from the Hollands

•June 25, 2013 • 4 Comments


Three together and one on Skype!

Greetings from the Emerald isle! My, how time flies. Our kids are growing up. Benjamin, 14, is the only one home now and he has just passed me in height, being slightly over 6 feet tall. He is doing well in his special school and keeping us busy for sure. What a joy for those that know him. Michael is living and working in Cork and will be 25 in May. Emily at 18 has just moved to the United States for college, living with my parents in SC and working for my sister. We greatly miss her but she is enjoying school and her work. We could not have asked for a more incredible extended family for our children! The exciting news is that we will have a new addition to our family this August – No, Wendy isn’t pregnant! Genia, our almost 21 year old, is getting married and Will Dillon will be our new son-in law! Will is the assistant pastor of the new church plant that Genia is involved with and is in ICU, a Bible school in Columbia. We’re blessed that she’s fallen in love with a man with a heart for God.


Arise Campus first gathering 2013

We have had the joy of helping create “Arise Campus” where christian leaders (churches leaders and campus ministries workers) in Dublin that have a burden for universities and colleges can come together for monthly prayer, encouragement, and strategy meetings. This has been one of my goals and I believe it will help all of us impact the universities of Ireland in a greater way.

IMG_6266Living Stones on UCD

We have had a great year on the UCD campus – lots of outreach and activity. Besides weekly meetings and other events, ministry teams came over from State College, Pa.  to help. We are gearing up for another outreach with them shortly. We also had a seven week training on reaching out to Muslims and a few speaking events with other churches on campus. In the above photo Steve Hamer pastor of the Dungarvan church shares with some of the  students.

In Dublin

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This first year back in Dublin has flown by. It’s been wonderful being back in “the big smoke” (as the country folk, i.e. “culchies“ refer to Dublin.) It was a special year being back as 25 years ago I proposed to Wendy in Dublin, and on the anniversary of the day we went back to that same restaurant. She’s as beautiful today as the day I proposed.

Teams from Waterbury Ct & Delft Holland. Great job guys!

Donald Claude speaking to youth in Cappoquin.

We had an incredible time with teams from both Waterbury Connecticut and Delft the Netherlands. In Dublin the team focused on prayer and intercession helping lay a stronger foundation for the future here. In Waterford and Cork County the teams helped Ross from”Bad Boy Turned Good”, focusing on outreaching in many communities. Both were great success! Much thanks from me and Ross to Pastor Ollie, Liz and Betsy who lead the teams.

Charlotte team led by Matt & Joanna Duddleston. Great job team!

Mini Olympics in Dun Laoghaire.

Love DunLaoghaire Flyer.

The A Team 🙂 from Charlotte, washing business windows in Dun Laoghaire!

A team from Charlotte, NC led by Matt and Joanna Duddleston did an incredible job helping us with our “Love Dun Laoghaire” outreach. It included our “mini Olympics” and acts of service in homes. We painted, washed windows, cleaned houses, cut grass, etc. It was a great introduction of our church to the community.

Genia, Emily and Benjamin all teens! The Bestest Kids 🙂

Genia and Emily being crazy at Bray Head. They will kill me for posting this, haha.

Benjamin at his school’s Sports Day! Third place 🙂

Two gone, two to go… We are missing Michael and Genia that are away at school. Michael is in Cork, Ireland, and Genia is in Columbia, SC, both working part-time jobs. Genia is working for my sister and living with my folks – thank God for family. Emily is preparing for her last year in secondary school. It’s a tough year because in the Irish system everything – i.e. your entire grade for secondary school – hangs on one test at the end of the year. Benjamin is enjoying his new special needs school. What an adventure it is to have a child like Benjamin. You never know what he’s going to come out with next!

The Arise Dublin Pastors and I meeting with the Lord Mayor of Dublin!

Since I first came to Dublin in 1985, there has been an incredible amount of church growth and church plants. There’s a network of pastors that I’m a part of called Arise Dublin. It’s a joy to be working with them and having a united vision to impact Dublin.

Worship at the Horizon Conference in May!

David Koerts, Steve Brooker and myself in Paris.

David Koerts, Steve Brooker and I in Paris, Good fellowship!

We had Horizon Europe gatherings in Dungarvan, Ireland in November, and Paris, France in May. We thank God for close relationships developed and formed over the past three decades and witnessing the progress being made on the foundations which we laid in Belgium, Holland and Ireland. It was a special joy seeing Frank and Hadassah, from the Antwerp church. As many of you know of our past labor and love for that city, it is rewarding to see the fruit and work continue in an extremely challenging mission field. In Paris, I had a memorable and special reunion with David Koerts from Delft, the Netherlands, where we church-planted for 15 years. Also, Steve and Lorita Hamer from Dungarvan are doing an incredible job in the church we turned over to them a year ago.

The team sending out Paul Mahon to help with new church plant.

It’s been a great pleasure to be working with Paul and Caroline Perry and Fergus and Miriam O’Regan so closely again. We were all part of this church in the mid-1980s and Fergus and Miriam were part of our team in the Netherlands for 8 years.

Ark Café, one of our outreaches, the last Saturday of the month.

Seán O’Regan performing at the Ark Café.

The Ark music café, led by Kelly, one of our dedicated leaders has been a great outreach for the church into the community. Both believers and unbelievers gather to hear singers, musicians, comedians, poets, actors, etc. showcasing their talents! We’ve had great new connections and spiritual conversations, sowing the seeds of the gospel.

Brian Wills telling his amazing story of healing!

This last year we had several outreach teams visit and serve us. A team from Penn State led by Dave Hatfield came with Brian Wills and helped us reach out in Dun Laoghaire. Brian has an incredible testimony of healing, and has seen many healed around the globe. The team from Penn State had great success praying for people on the street..

http://www.livingstonesoc.com Reaching out to students from our earliest years in Ireland till now!

Living Stones UCD,International party sharing Christ’s love!

This last school year has been a busy and fruitful time for our Christian Society Living Stones on UCD campus – weekly meetings, bible studies and meeting one-on-one with students. We reached out to students from all across the world with the reality of Christ’s love. We were able to send back several students to their home countries this year, having been discipled and equipped to serve and be productive members of their local church. One student from China, here on a one semester program came to Christ during one of our strident Alpha courses. After being baptized and discipled as much as possible, now he’s home and joins the millions of Chinese following Christ. We’re praying and looking for a full-time campus worker. Please let us know if you know anyone.

We want to thank each and every one of you that were involved in our lives through prayer, encouragement, sending teams, or finances. Every joint truly supplies. Together through the grace of God we are making a difference in Europe.

New Seasons

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Setting in Steve (holding the Hurley stick) as Pastor of DCF with myself and nine other Pastors from the Region.

This has been an exciting season for us. Earlier this month we set in Steve Hamer as pastor of the Dungarvan church. The meeting was awesome. Many pastors and leaders from all over the region came to celebrate with us in this momentous occasion. A founding member, he’s been an excellent elder and definitely has the call of God on this life to pastor and lead. As always, our goal is to see European leaders being released to lead the local church.

Fergus and I at Paul's baptism, 1985. We've been working together a long time!

Handing the church over here in Dungarvan has freed me to focus on Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, our sister church in Dublin. I have been leading both churches since January. Some of you know I helped plant the church in Dublin and was the associate pastor back in the 80’s. We are moving to Dublin the first week of August, and have created a new powerful team with the Perry’s and also the O’Regans, an Irish couple that helped plant the church in Delft with us. We are very excited to be working with both of these couples. They are some of our best friends and we have been serving together for over 20 years. Paul Perry is now released to travel and minister to many other churches in Ireland using his prophetic gifting. We will greatly miss our DCF family, but we know we will still be working together.

Ross Barrett on the cover of VOX magazine.

Ross Barrett, a member of our church who we baptized about two and a half years ago,has been busy with his burden to reach youth through his kickboxing gym and his Bad Boy Turned Good ministry. He was recently featured on the cover of VOX, the only national Christian magazine in Ireland, which actually only comes out four times a year! If you know of any young adults who are interested in a three or four month internship, please let me know. I’d love to introduce them to Ross and see if it’s a fit. Also, please be praying for him and his impact on youth throughout Ireland.

Paul Mahon from our sister church in Dublin told his powerful story of deliverance from a life of drugs and gains.

Since we last wrote, we have finished our Student Alpha course at University College Cork. I highly recommend it; it’s a great tool for student ministry. Earlier this year Mitch Smith sent us a great team that helped us in UCD and UCC. We also had the privilege of introducing Fusion into Ireland. Fusion is a ministry in the UK that helps local churches impact their surrounding universities. I’m excited to be working with them, and they’ve asked me to take a leading role in helping to establish Fusion Ireland, which really goes with the vision God has given me for universities. We had another team just a few weeks ago from Waterbury, Connecticut. They performed and ministered to seven different towns around Ireland. They did an awesome job but I was totally exhausted at the end of it! hanks Pastor Ollie! The day after they left another team flew in. Scott Evans from Elemental is partnering with us and using our building as a base for a ‘Drop In’ center for youth to come and hang out. We have all kinds of video games and snacks set up to help the American teens start to build meaningful relationships with the Irish youth. Also in these past few months, we’ve been able to welcome some fantastic visiting ministers including Doug Fortune and Armand Lefeu, who came through and blessed both churches. It was an extra special privilege to welcome John & Julie Steele. They have been pouring into us personally and the churches we have served for over 25 years. An incredible couple leaving a great legacy.

Best kids in the World 🙂

And now for a family update: Although Michael has been living in Cork City for the past year, this move will separate him from us much further. Genia just graduated from secondary school and will be moving to South Carolina for college. It’s going to be hard not having them around. Genia will be living with my parents and working for my sister while going to school. Michael is finishing off his last year and working in Cork. We were told it would be nearly impossible to get Emily & Benjamin in school in Dublin with such short notice, as there are long waiting lists for most schools. For months we had no success finding a school for them. The impossible is really HIS- possible, as God provided 2 excellent schools for each of them. The schools are very far apart, so the next challenge was finding a house we could afford where each could be in the proximity of their schools – it was complicated! But God did another miracle. We just found a house where they both could get to school rather easily. It is quite a bit more expensive than living in the country, but this house was far less expensive than others available. Emily is now entering into the Leaving Certificate course. For these next two years, she will be studying for her L.C. examinations. As Genia has just completed this grueling process of education, we’ve learned a lot about it. It’s considered one of the most difficult systems of secondary level education and has proven to be very exhausting. We’re standing behind her in this time. Benjamin has been doing great and received ‘The Pupil of the Year’ award. We are so grateful to his school, St. John’s, as they have helped and loved Benjamin so much over the past few years. Wendy and I are busy packing the house and are excited for this next move. So sorry we’ve had such a lapse in our blog. You’ll hear from us again soon!