In Dublin

This first year back in Dublin has flown by. It’s been wonderful being back in “the big smoke” (as the country folk, i.e. “culchies“ refer to Dublin.) It was a special year being back as 25 years ago I proposed to Wendy in Dublin, and on the anniversary of the day we went back to that same restaurant. She’s as beautiful today as the day I proposed.

Teams from Waterbury Ct & Delft Holland. Great job guys!

Donald Claude speaking to youth in Cappoquin.

We had an incredible time with teams from both Waterbury Connecticut and Delft the Netherlands. In Dublin the team focused on prayer and intercession helping lay a stronger foundation for the future here. In Waterford and Cork County the teams helped Ross from”Bad Boy Turned Good”, focusing on outreaching in many communities. Both were great success! Much thanks from me and Ross to Pastor Ollie, Liz and Betsy who lead the teams.

Charlotte team led by Matt & Joanna Duddleston. Great job team!

Mini Olympics in Dun Laoghaire.

Love DunLaoghaire Flyer.

The A Team 🙂 from Charlotte, washing business windows in Dun Laoghaire!

A team from Charlotte, NC led by Matt and Joanna Duddleston did an incredible job helping us with our “Love Dun Laoghaire” outreach. It included our “mini Olympics” and acts of service in homes. We painted, washed windows, cleaned houses, cut grass, etc. It was a great introduction of our church to the community.

Genia, Emily and Benjamin all teens! The Bestest Kids 🙂

Genia and Emily being crazy at Bray Head. They will kill me for posting this, haha.

Benjamin at his school’s Sports Day! Third place 🙂

Two gone, two to go… We are missing Michael and Genia that are away at school. Michael is in Cork, Ireland, and Genia is in Columbia, SC, both working part-time jobs. Genia is working for my sister and living with my folks – thank God for family. Emily is preparing for her last year in secondary school. It’s a tough year because in the Irish system everything – i.e. your entire grade for secondary school – hangs on one test at the end of the year. Benjamin is enjoying his new special needs school. What an adventure it is to have a child like Benjamin. You never know what he’s going to come out with next!

The Arise Dublin Pastors and I meeting with the Lord Mayor of Dublin!

Since I first came to Dublin in 1985, there has been an incredible amount of church growth and church plants. There’s a network of pastors that I’m a part of called Arise Dublin. It’s a joy to be working with them and having a united vision to impact Dublin.

Worship at the Horizon Conference in May!

David Koerts, Steve Brooker and myself in Paris.

David Koerts, Steve Brooker and I in Paris, Good fellowship!

We had Horizon Europe gatherings in Dungarvan, Ireland in November, and Paris, France in May. We thank God for close relationships developed and formed over the past three decades and witnessing the progress being made on the foundations which we laid in Belgium, Holland and Ireland. It was a special joy seeing Frank and Hadassah, from the Antwerp church. As many of you know of our past labor and love for that city, it is rewarding to see the fruit and work continue in an extremely challenging mission field. In Paris, I had a memorable and special reunion with David Koerts from Delft, the Netherlands, where we church-planted for 15 years. Also, Steve and Lorita Hamer from Dungarvan are doing an incredible job in the church we turned over to them a year ago.

The team sending out Paul Mahon to help with new church plant.

It’s been a great pleasure to be working with Paul and Caroline Perry and Fergus and Miriam O’Regan so closely again. We were all part of this church in the mid-1980s and Fergus and Miriam were part of our team in the Netherlands for 8 years.

Ark Café, one of our outreaches, the last Saturday of the month.

Seán O’Regan performing at the Ark Café.

The Ark music café, led by Kelly, one of our dedicated leaders has been a great outreach for the church into the community. Both believers and unbelievers gather to hear singers, musicians, comedians, poets, actors, etc. showcasing their talents! We’ve had great new connections and spiritual conversations, sowing the seeds of the gospel.

Brian Wills telling his amazing story of healing!

This last year we had several outreach teams visit and serve us. A team from Penn State led by Dave Hatfield came with Brian Wills and helped us reach out in Dun Laoghaire. Brian has an incredible testimony of healing, and has seen many healed around the globe. The team from Penn State had great success praying for people on the street.. Reaching out to students from our earliest years in Ireland till now!

Living Stones UCD,International party sharing Christ’s love!

This last school year has been a busy and fruitful time for our Christian Society Living Stones on UCD campus – weekly meetings, bible studies and meeting one-on-one with students. We reached out to students from all across the world with the reality of Christ’s love. We were able to send back several students to their home countries this year, having been discipled and equipped to serve and be productive members of their local church. One student from China, here on a one semester program came to Christ during one of our strident Alpha courses. After being baptized and discipled as much as possible, now he’s home and joins the millions of Chinese following Christ. We’re praying and looking for a full-time campus worker. Please let us know if you know anyone.

We want to thank each and every one of you that were involved in our lives through prayer, encouragement, sending teams, or finances. Every joint truly supplies. Together through the grace of God we are making a difference in Europe.


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2 Responses to “In Dublin”

  1. This blog is truely a blessing. I can see the work being done in and throughout Ireland… And it is marvelous in the sight of the Lord. For this is how the world will know that we are His disiples… IF we show love one for another.

  2. Love ALL the pics& blog (Esp Genia, Ben, Emily) Thank you for sharing some history of evangeliclal work in Europe that you connect! Was Incredible being a part with You in the Victories God has ordained, thru Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus for Ireland. 4E<3

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