European Check-In from the Hollands


Three together and one on Skype!

Greetings from the Emerald isle! My, how time flies. Our kids are growing up. Benjamin, 14, is the only one home now and he has just passed me in height, being slightly over 6 feet tall. He is doing well in his special school and keeping us busy for sure. What a joy for those that know him. Michael is living and working in Cork and will be 25 in May. Emily at 18 has just moved to the United States for college, living with my parents in SC and working for my sister. We greatly miss her but she is enjoying school and her work. We could not have asked for a more incredible extended family for our children! The exciting news is that we will have a new addition to our family this August – No, Wendy isn’t pregnant! Genia, our almost 21 year old, is getting married and Will Dillon will be our new son-in law! Will is the assistant pastor of the new church plant that Genia is involved with and is in ICU, a Bible school in Columbia. We’re blessed that she’s fallen in love with a man with a heart for God.


Arise Campus first gathering 2013

We have had the joy of helping create “Arise Campus” where christian leaders (churches leaders and campus ministries workers) in Dublin that have a burden for universities and colleges can come together for monthly prayer, encouragement, and strategy meetings. This has been one of my goals and I believe it will help all of us impact the universities of Ireland in a greater way.

IMG_6266Living Stones on UCD

We have had a great year on the UCD campus – lots of outreach and activity. Besides weekly meetings and other events, ministry teams came over from State College, Pa.  to help. We are gearing up for another outreach with them shortly. We also had a seven week training on reaching out to Muslims and a few speaking events with other churches on campus. In the above photo Steve Hamer pastor of the Dungarvan church shares with some of the  students.

Cornerstone Baptisms Video above.

Cornerstone Church continues to move forward with outreaches on the university and in the community. Several teams have come from the States to help us. A team from South Carolina Leadership school just finished up a week outreach with us. They are pictured above. We’re taking the model of the Antioch Church as our blueprint. It certainly impacted its region and much of the Roman empire – we are planning the same! One new outreach we have been involved with this year is “the no-bucks bus,” an outreach to the homeless and drug or alcohol-addicted community in our area. We’re there with a warm meal, new clothes, and words of encouragement. The goal is to get them involved with the Teen Challenge program and to come to Christ and a new life.


The Dungarvan Church

The Dungarvan Church continues to grow and take root in the vastly unreached region of Munster in county Waterford. Steve and the team are doing a super job. Seeds planted are bearing fruit, and there are lots of new people and new opportunities. They have seen several powerful healings showing Christ’s reality to many. he above picture shows Steve and Jason baptizing Patrick.


Horizon churches.

It’s a new season for the family of Horizon churches in Europe. Stephen Brooker from England and I will be co-leading the network. Our purpose is to encourage churches and  their leaders to become rooted and impact their city for the Kingdom. We are excited about the future. Above,  Steve and I are at his home in Red Cross not far from Stratford upon Avon “Shakespeare land”!

During this past year our financial administration has been taken over from European Missions Outreach,  to the Harvest church in Lexington, SC (See side-bar on left for info.) We are so grateful for your partnership with us through prayer and financial support. What a great team you have been to stick with us as we represent you here in this Post-Christian Europe. God bless you richly!


Kyle & Wendy

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4 Responses to “European Check-In from the Hollands”

  1. Kyle! We have a Christian school here at House of The Lord, and every two years plan a missions trip for our juniors and seniors. In the past we’ve had teams as large as 28, as small as 15 or so. Last year we went to the Ukraine, worked with a couple ywam groups, churches etc. I thought I’d give you a shout as we are considering where to go next spring. I thought maybe with your connections you could possibly use a team to help in any aspect of ministry? we would be open to going into Dungarvan also, just not sure if Steve is set up to handle a missions team of that size coming in. Let me know your thoughts, maybe give me a call soon! Blessings, Jeff Ecklund

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  2. LOVE the newsletter, guys! Great job! And a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Genia, what an exciting time for the family!

    We ladies here in Antwerp are missing the Irish delegation BIG-TIME! Lets make sure next years dates fall at a better time for Wendy, Myriam, Lorita, Kelly, Caroline and any others, okay? We will be taking a time this morning to honour Patti Chesney as this is her last womens conference before they move to Nebraska.

    Lotsa love and blessings. Kathryn

  3. Great news letter Kyle. I’m so excited to hear about Genia getting married. Wonderful. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hey, Kyle thanks for update on the Holland family. Your mention of Michael’s age reminded me that it’s been 25 years since you baptised me in your Ballsbridge bathtub! Blessings Brian Judge

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