Big Move

The well edited

The Well, Main St Bray.

This is our new building! Or may I say new to us, but ancient to Bray. It’s an old Church of Ireland, St. Paul’s, built in 1609. We’re very excited for our big move into this new location on Main Street Bray, a much more strategic part of town for us. For the last 5 years, a church relationally close to us has been using the building. Lots of prayer has gone up from there and lots of work has gone into this unique place,  so we’re excited now to take our place in the battle for Bray. There is already good unity among the few churches in the area and a growing expectation of God workings in many people’s hearts.  Many in our church live there and the surrounding areas so it’s a natural place to reach.

Please believe with us because the cost is significantly higher. We’re all being stretched, but we believe it’s the Lord. When I first lived in Dublin in the mid ’80s I would meet a brother at 7am for prayer on the harbor wall in Bray. Those prayers are still being answered as we move forward in this special town. It’s also amazing  that when we moved back to Dublin three years ago the Lord quickened to me that we had a harvest in Bray. We appreciate your prayers as we advance God’s kingdom in this place.

Baptism 2

Paul & Caroline at recent baptism.


Baptism close to Bray this Fall.

We have seen a number of people commit their life to the Lord and be baptized the last several months. Some are coming out of difficult backgrounds and in need of constant discipleship and prayer to keep them from going back into destructive behaviors. Please stand with us in prayer for them.

Genia & Will blog

Genia & Will on their wedding day.


First time all together in three years.

The biggest news of all is that our sweet little sunshine, Genia, is a married woman now!  In August she was united with William Dillon, who we all think is a super guy – and also extremely blessed to be married to Genia!  The whole family was together for the first time in three years (picture above). Genia is studying Speech and Language pathology at Columbia College and Will is attending Columbia International Bible School. They are also both working and involved in leadership in a church plant. We are very excited about this kingdom relationship and believe that God has much in store for them.

The rest of the kids continue their education: Emily is studying child development in college in South Carolina. Michael in the University College Cork in Ireland studying politics and philosophy. And Benjamin also here in Ireland, continues to learn in his special school. We are grateful and blessed with each one of them.


David, Frank & I at Lighthouse Fellowship Antwerp Belgium, this November.


With Steve last month in Dungarvan Ireland.

Visiting our network.

I had an awesome time this last month preaching in Delft, the Netherlands and visiting with my close friend David Koerts who is doing an outstanding job leading Levend Water. David continues to have impact in various and influential leadership roles in the Netherlands.

David and I were also able to make a trip to Antwerp and see my good friends Frank and Hadassah Ernst who are building a strong church in very hard ground. Part of their wise strategy to serve the people of Antwerp has been to establish the only openly Christian daycare centers in Belgium. They have two now, with more to come.  We were both blessed to see them and hear how things are progressing.

The church in Dungarvan is doing excellent being led by Steve and Lorita  Hamer. Small town Ireland is one of the most challenging place to build a church but Steve and his team’s consistent testimony  in Dungarvan is working into many townspeople hearts.

Kyle and Wendy wedding1

Celebrating this summer at our daughter’s wedding.

I have been privileged to serve Christ and His church in Europe for 30 years this coming May. So many of you have come, prayed and given, doing your part as true partners in the Gospel. We are so excited about this next season as fresh grace seems to be pouring over us. A heartfelt thank you and reminder that we are still laboring and in need of your help in these challenging days.

Blessings to each of you from Greystones Ireland.

Kyle and Wendy Holland


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7 Responses to “Big Move”

  1. Beautiful pictures – and wonderful report! Amen!

  2. Very cool , God has blessed you. Keep up the lords work Hope to come see you someday.

  3. great to hear from you! congrats on the wedding of daughter! doing well- would love to talk on phone. I’m old school! I’ll try to call

  4. Very cool! Must have a great spiritual heritage in that place!


  5. Great blog, Kyle. The photos are terrific and the text well written. It is exciting to see how well things are progressing for you in Ireland.

  6. I’m so excited about this, I love your photography and don’t get to see how you guys are doing as often as I would like to! This is great. Hope all is well. God Bless you guys.

  7. Kyle

    Good word. Blessings


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