Spring & Summer 2015 in Bray, Ireland

I just came back from a leaders meeting and then a conference in Nuremberg Germany with 25,000 people from all over Europe, It was very encouraging, given the challenging times we are in. This trip was extra fun because I was with my good friend JC Alzamora who has quite a ministry today in Europe. I was there when JC got saved and had the privilege of baptizing him in 1984 in Atlanta. I was also able to be with our church in Delft, the Netherlands and visit with the pastor in Antwerp, Belgium. Both churches and their leaders David Koerts and Frank Ernst are doing really well. PTL!


Awakening Europe Conference in Nuremberg Germany. 25000 Europeans (mainly German) believers exalting the Lordship of Jesus over Europe, in stark contrasts to the dark events that took place here over 75 years ago -the infamous “Nuremberg Rallies” propaganda events to celebrate Nazism. You see behind me the platform Hitler stood at, as thousands of German soldiers marched by. Today it’s only ruins, but Christ’s Church marches on in great love and victory! The Earth will be filled with the glory of God!


Awakening Europe, 25000 exalting Jesus in Nuremberg Germany.


Romeo, Burt, JC, Paul and I at the Awakening Europe Conference.


David Koerts and I at the Market square in Delft. David is a very close friend and excellent leader.


Frank, Hadassa and I with one of their adorable boys in Antwerp. They have built an awesome church in a very hard city.

Last month, our church hosted a conference with Transformation Ireland. We brought in Ed and Ruth Silvoso. This was very impacting for Ireland, as Christian leaders in the Marketplace and Church gathered for fresh strategy and empowerment. We will also be using some of his material in a 10 week course we are doing in September.

Ed at well

It was a great privilege to work with Clifford and Joan Sullivan as we hosted Ed and Ruth Silvoso.

ed at the well 2

A YouTube video thank you update, telling of our move to Bray.

We had several guest speakers in the last few months, including, among others, Stan Fleming, Steve Hamer, Russ Kline, Charlie Champ, and Clem Ferris. Each one brought encouragement, inspiration, and rich teaching to help us fulfill God’s purpose.

Besides our regular weekly outreaches on the university and in the church, we had a special week of reaching out to kids doing their “junior certs” and “leaving certs” (big exams in secondary schools) followed by a kids club for primary age children. It’s exciting touching the youth and their families


Russ Kline ministering to our youth.

We are also enjoying the privilege of hosting charity events at “the Well,” (the name of our building) which is a landmark on the Main street in Bray. We are grateful we can bless these charities and give us an opportunity to meet people and serve Bray.


Delaware Women’s choir.


Local Irish traditional group.

One of our parties and it expresses our gratitude and excitement to God and you for all that He has done. You are a big part part of that! We love you and thank you once again for your prayer and sacrificial giving.

Love from Ireland, the Hollands



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5 Responses to “Spring & Summer 2015 in Bray, Ireland”

  1. Kyle – this is the best thing you’ve ever sent! Lots of pictures that are relevant – thank you! Robbie

  2. Hi Kyle,

    good to hear from you.

    Sorry we missed each other in Nuremberg … we would have loved to touch base with you…

    Lots of blessings,

    Peter and Babsi

  3. Fabulous newsletter, guys! How exciting! Nuremburg must have been awesome. You took some great pictures, bro!

    Praying for your ongoing success and impact in Bray and beyond! Blessings, Kathryn >

  4. Hey Kyle

    Just great to receive this news letter. Soo good to see everyone and to know now of your move to Bray.

    Exciting times for you all.

    We go to Quebec for our daughter wedding in September, then on the Paris to reconnect with ones there, then back to NZ.

    Blessings – Ian

  5. Praise God! Wonderful news. How old is Ed Silvoso now? I am still recovering and still going each day to rehabiliyation center. The good news: I can drive my car again. Again prraching in several places. Next sunday again at Bong and Maravic Burgarin s church. In september at David Rouxels and testemony and teachimg at christian busness fellowship ; later conferance on Revelation in Toulouse, south west of France. Kids and Charlotte are doing well. Blessings. Petro.

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