Fall 2016

This Thanksgiving season we are reminded of how good God has been to us and how thankful we are for all of you. We are grateful we have four remarkable children that love us, love God, and know they are loved by God and us. We are grateful for our supportive and caring extended family that have been such a huge help throughout our many years in Europe, and especially in recent years as our girls are in the US. We are grateful for friends that have stood by us and supported us in many ways for many years. We are grateful for many wonderful people we have had the privilege of serving and working with on the mission field over three decades. Above all, we are grateful to the ONE who has made all this possible and led us on a great adventure.


We just finished a powerful gathering of leaders and intercessors with Morningstar Ministries as we hosted a prophetic round-table. Over fifty selected leaders from around the nation participated. Our team did an outstanding job serving. All were encouraged and helped. We plan on running a yearly round-table for the next few years.


Our campus work that we started in 1985 with Anthony Brabazon as “the Bible workshop” has been released to another Christian worker who has been working with us for years. We’re excited for their future and believe God will continue to do great things at UCD. I still lead a gathering of campus worker monthly to keep prayer and unity in the forefront. Above is a photo of their fall launch.

This summer outreach was fun and fruitful as we continued to reach into nearby neighbourhoods with lots of love and laughter. Our amazing Lorna is a fantastic leader and did a great job equipping our team and brought great blessings in these neighbourhoods, through bible studies, acts of kindness (cleaning homes and yards) and we baked homemade cookies for the whole place!

We have had the great joy of using the building to truly bless the Bray Community. Bray International Jazz festival used it as one of its venues – what a privilege. We were able to meet many interesting folks from the music world. We had many other charity events and concerts including a special tribute to commemorate the 1916 Rising. We also use the building for much, much more, including our amazing moms and tots mornings. (Photo above).

We have had more baptisms since our last post: Exciting video click here >  Baptisms Bray Ireland  Also, praying for certain people really works!  God spoke to us to target certain individuals that are well-known in the community and sure enough God is at work bringing redemption to our town.




All four of the churches we helped plant: Delft The Netherlands, Antwerp Belgium, Dungarvan Ireland and Cornerstone now in Bray Ireland, are all thriving spiritually and numerically. Both the Antwerp and Dungarvan churches have or are in the process of getting new  buildings. We so enjoy being close to Dungarvan and enjoy our trips there. I’ve also enjoyed a few ministry trips into Europe, especially my trip to Delft, seeing old friends and ministering at the church.

Those of you who have been standing with us over the years as we moved from one nation to another know the struggles we have gone through together. But because of your praying and giving and our laboring and believing  – and ultimately Gods grace – theses churches are going from glory to glory bearing fruit to eternal life.

God is good!!!

Thank you for your part as you know we could not do this without you!


~ by lkholland on November 27, 2016.

3 Responses to “Fall 2016”

  1. Awesome newsletter Kyle. It is truly a joy to see all that God has done and continues to do through your life of faith and service. Many blessings to you and your precious family. Robert

  2. Awesome work guys, very proud of all you are doing for the kingdom…

  3. Great Newsletter Kyle had almost forgotten about “the Bible Workshop”

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